Tim Lapetino looks at design, Atari and living in a world of geek culture

Tim Lapetino shares his history with geek culture, designing geek products, writing geek books, talking about geeky things and basically being a massive geek!
In this episode, we hear from designer author and geek culture advocate, Tim Lapetino.

We learn how Tim found himself writing books about geek culture, almost completely by accident. Speaking to the people at the heart of Atari in its peak years, Tim has been able to gain a magical insight into a wonderful world of art and design within video games.
He shares some of his insights and why the project was so personal for him. We take a glimpse into his history as a geek culture fan and the perspectives he was able to bring with him into his writing. We also learn more about his journey into designing for some geek products and companies, bringing with it pure joy and satisfaction from working with names he has looked at fondly as a consumer.
We also of course take a look back at Tim's own history with geek culture. If you cut him in half there will likely be a He-man figurine in the centre, so how did it all begin?

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Tim Lapetino looks at design, Atari and living in a world of geek culture
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