Tony Farina

Tony Farina

Pop Guerrilla, Host of Indie Comics Spotlight, Guest producer and all round amazing person

Appears in 8 Episodes

Spotlight: The ADHD Cast Featuring MC LARS and Schaffer the Darklord

Whilst we may not have any of our own episodes coming out, some of our friends are producing amazing content. So please listen to this wonderful episode from Tony Fari...

Cowboy Coder: Code Rage: Album Review from The Pop Guerillas

Cowboy Coder's debut album, 'Code Rage' is available now!Find store links here: his Soundcloud here: http...

Gabe Cheng shares how he accepts the bad and embraces the great

In this episode, we hear from podcaster and comic creator, Gabe Cheng.

Ada McCartney on Poetry, Writing and Personal Environment

In this episode, we hear from writer, poet and owner of a super soothing voice, Ada McCartney.Ada shares with us the variety of things she likes to geek out about and ...

Kyle Stück on hobbies, work, passions and horror.

In this episode, we hear from podcaster, comic creator and very nice person, Kyle Stück.

Cowboy Coder Shares His Code Rage

In this episode, we hear from Cowboy Coder about his upcoming album; Code Rage.

Heath Fodor shares his adventures and bumping into history

In this episode, we hear from Heath Fodor. Heath shares with us his journey from growing up in a small town in Michigan, loving comics and writing, through his variou...

Eric Lee talks about the creative process and the complexity of geek media

In this episode, we hear from Eric Lee, author and artist of 'The Breakup Artist' webcomic and contributor to Fantastic Universes and Dark Knight News. He shares his c...

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