Zach Weinersmith on Bea Wolf

In this episode, we hear from cartoonist, writer and do-er of many things, Zach Weinersmith.

Zach gives us an insight into his latest creation, Bea Wolf, a graphic novel retelling of Beowulf. Zach shares some of the thought processes behind the project and how it came into creation.
We explore the ideas behind some of his other works, including a sneak peek at an upcoming project.
And as is traditional, we take a look back into his past, where do his geek culture roots lay and how did he become the successful cartoonist we know him as today.
Bea Wolf is available now! You're guaranteed to enjoy it!
Find out where to get it at

Find more from Zach on his Twitter
And of course at his ongoing webcomic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
You can support him on his Patreon
And don't forget to look out for all his other books, including his work with his partner Kelly Weinersmith

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Zach Weinersmith
Zach Weinersmith
NYT Bestselling author of "Soonish," "Open Borders." Married to at
Zach Weinersmith on Bea Wolf
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